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  • How much do your cakes cost?
    Our cakes start at $150. Price per cake varies. We offer custom picture sheet cakes to custom multi-tiered cakes.
  • How far in advance should I order a cake?
    2 weeks is recommended for cake orders. Please note there is a 50% deposit at the time you place your order. If order is placed within one week of delivery, a rush charge of $50 will be added.
  • Where do you deliver, do you ship?"
    We do not ship our cakes due to their delicate nature. Clients may pick up their cake at our NYC location on the Upper West Side. If you’d like for your cake to be delivered, we can arrange for delivery, however, the fee starts at $50 for within Manhattan. Please call for a quote if you have a specific delivery location in mind.
  • What are my flavor choices?
    Our most popular flavors are listed below. Have a flavor request? Just ask! We LOVE being creative. Cakes: Rainbow, Checkerboard, Carrot, Chocolate, Vanilla Confetti, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream
  • Do you offer Gluten-Free options?
    Yes, we have separate tools/ingredients for gluten free and nut free.
  • Are your cake toppers edible?
    Not all cake toppers are edible. Ones that are not can easily be removed before enjoying your cake.
  • How do I store my cake?
    Keep your cake in a refrigerator until one hour before serving. Cake will stay fresh up to 3-4 days in the refrigerator or 2-3 weeks wrapped in the freezer.
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